If you happen to be in Dubai for a weekend for work, don’t just spend your time typing things on the laptop. Dubai is one of the few places on the planet that offers something for all kinds of travelers, and there’s a lot than a single person can do on a lazy weekend. In this post, find all the basic things that you can do when you are alone in the city.

Dubai few places of travelers

Head to the malls

Honestly, no matter whether you are a girl or a boy, Dubai has some of the best malls and you will have a gala time shopping around. From some of the top brands and fashion houses to even the downtown areas, where you have local stores, there’s a lot that you can shop and take back home. Make sure to check the areas in advance as you will need at one day to cover all the top shopping malls.

Spend time indoors

If you intend to get a tad naughty for the weekend, there are some great escort services that you may just want to call for a perfect girl. You can click here to see some of the hot models, and many of these high profile escorts actually speak more than a few languages. Spend the weekend having fun in your room or even take one of the arm candies out for a date or nightclub for partying.

Spend time hot models

Go ahead with a road trip

Get pleased on a city tour as Dubai is a city that boasts of amazing skyscrapers and even a regular drive can be satisfying. Take a car as there are plenty of rentals available, and when you have time, you can serve your taste buds with amazing shwarmas and local food, which is also one of the many things to be enjoyed.

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