Men, do you think women get to have all the sex toy fun in the bedroom? If you think so, you’d be wrong. Male sex toys are on the rise and they are no longer just penis pumps and super unsexy plastic blow-up dolls with big open mouths.  Your range of sex toys is expanding as quickly as a new product can be signed and made. Sex toy manufacturers have learned that to be successful they need to think about their male consumers who want a toy just as functional and classic as the ladies have.

Male masturbators are pretty much sleeve-type cylinders with no specific anatomic features. Sometimes they’re just boring looking pieces of plastic and some look like a vagina, anus or mouth. These masturbators can be generic versions or modelled after your favourite porn star. Masturbators provide better suction if they’re closed at the other end, otherwise, you can hold a finger or hand over the end to seal it. With the right amount of lube, the texture inside the masturbator can make it feel like the “real thing”. If you’re after something on the humorous side, they even make them in the shape of hot dog buns, hands, or whatever it is you’d like to get off with. If you want a little more excitement, there are versions with vibrating, pulsating and heated varieties, as well as USB powered and remote controlled versions, and some with vacuum suction functions. Sex toy manufacturers have even made suction cups for thrusting into. Male masturbators are discreet, easy to clean and reusable. They also work well as a stamina building tool for when you have sex with a real person.

Prostate massagers are for the P-spot or the male G-spot and are quite similar in shape, size and functionality to female dildos and vibrators. These massagers help stimulate the male prostate which is located inside your anus and gives an intense orgasm. Prostate massagers come in vibrating, rotating and USB rechargeable styles. If you’re new to exploring your prostate, don’t be scared off by the size of these toys on your mobile screen. In person, they’re not too big but make sure you always use lube. There are also smaller versions to get you familiar with your prostate exploration.

Maybe newest to the world of male sex tools is sounding tools. Sounding is a pretty unique interest, and not exactly a mainstream masturbation technique. Sounding usually involves inserting instruments into the shaft of the penis through the urethra. This may not be for everyone of course and usually an acquired taste per se, but if you’re curious there are plenty of penis plugs or urethral dilators available. From ribbed, curved, to double ended instruments, there’s a penis-hole insertion tool to fit. Sounding is commonly practiced in the BDSM community and fetishists.

Don’t look at a sex toy and think, this is a female sex toy. More often than not, sex toys are genderless and can be used on both males and females. Sex toy manufacturers know that men like to enjoy sex play as much as women do! Although the range of male sex toys hasn’t grown as much as females and couples toys but there has been plenty of progress so far. Keep up the good work!

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