A seasoned online dater is well aware of various superstitions that he faces in the course of dating Russian brides for free in Internet. This head-over-heels reasoning, to be more specific, the lack of one, drives us crazy but seems to be an intrinsic part of the dating process. When we fall in love with another person, instincts get a firm grip of our minds and of our bodies, we tend to lose control over our overwhelming emotions.


Love is a very strong feeling, when it surreptitiously seizes our hearts struck by Cupid’s merciless arrows, we begin demonstrating irrational behavior. Very strong chemicals of unknown nature seem to affect our thinking process. In other words, we lose control. Delusion, paranoia and obsession become our haunting daily companions, reaching the cores of our central nervous system and bringing us onto the verge of complete paralysis. To gain the lost ground and to maintain the last molecules of sanity, we grasp at everything on the slippery surface of reality that may come our way. Superstitions are especially handy in this respect.

Normally we would dismiss Russian dating superstitions with utter dismay as something completely irrational and foreign in our thinking pattern. However, when love hits us, usually unexpectedly, as a huge truck rapidly emerging from around the corner, we cling to various, ages old superstitions. They help us overcome the primordial fear of rejection, which, among other fears and uncertainties, establishes a firm stronghold on how we perceive life around us since the moment we fall in love.

Online dating superstitions are rather unique and vary from country to country. The most widely spread of them are wearing a lucky t-shirt when communicating online, beginning a message with a certain letter or a certain word, even praying to Jesus if you are a Christian.

In an effort to keep the magic alive, online daters in love invent their own rituals that may seem crazy to a casual observer. “After I met Oksana on russian4bride.com and fell madly in love with her, it was like an obsession, a never-ending and happy dream. I wanted to enjoy each moment of our endless, sweet conversations, I was so excited when I saw her type me a message I would usually bite my lower lip hard, till I felt some pain. Oksana! Finally! She is online with me again!” wrote to us an enamored dater from Oklahoma, Jacob, 27.

“It is weird, but when I was dating women from Russia and from Ukraine on russian4bride.com, I fell in love with Olga from Russia and with Marina from Kyev, Ukraine. So gradually I developed a weird habit – I communicated with only one of them during one day, and switched to another one the next day,” reports to us Bob from Alabama, 45. “I met Rita from Novgorod when I was in a playful mood, so I was wearing a clown’s paper hat to impress her during our video communication in Skype. She agreed to come over to the US to meet me, so each time I am thinking about her I put on this magic hat, I know it is kind of stupid, but I just cannot help myself,” wrote to us Albert, 38, from New York.

Superstitions linger even if we become single

Our nervous system is wired to remember certain behavior patterns that we resorted to when we succeeded in a certain endeavor, such as online dating. Even if you are all by yourself in this life at present and maybe checking out single Russians on this site for future dating, you still remember the habits that you had when you were happy with another woman. It works largely as a compensatory reaction and produces superstitions, quite often on a subconscious level.

For instance, you used to listen to a particular radio station the last time you had a successful online dating experience. In all likelihood you may tune in to this particular radio station again when you are online the next time on the same dating site, still trying to pursue your luck. This subconscious behavior is very important for our balanced psychological condition at a time of uncertainty, when we are facing a difficult task and are afraid of failure.

When you have some free time, think about your own superstitions and single out those that brought you luck or even satisfactory results. Next time when you are online on a dating site, try using these superstitions to create a more comfortable atmosphere for yourself. A man who is sure of his Russian dating skills is an envious catch for all Slavic women who date online.

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