Guys, did you know that if you just wanted to find someone to snuggle with you can do that without resorting to an escort?

The latest trend in the sex industry is snuggle buddies. Though we hate to say being a snuggle buddy is part of the sex industry because there is no sex involved.

Unlike an escort’s girlfriend experience service that includes sex, a snuggle buddy doesn’t include sex or kissing. It involves two people cuddling on the couch or bed.

So is there a difference between the Girlfriend Experience escort and a Snuggle Buddy?

The answer is yes.

A “girlfriend experience” service is an escort service that includes a more personal interaction than a typical booking that just include sex between a client and an escort. The girlfriend experience is kind of like having a girlfriend for hire for a limited amount of time or however long the agreed upon period is. The escort essentially becomes your girlfriend for that time and usually the booking includes mutually agreed upon sex that could be more affectionate.

So what’s a snuggle buddy? A snuggle buddy is a new trending service between a client and a “snuggler” that involves platonic non-sexual touching. Think of it as curling up on the couch with your girlfriend or boyfriend and watching TV together. No body fluid exchange and no sex whatsoever.

Oddly enough both partnerships have benefits. A girlfriend experience can help someone who’s never had a girlfriend before to find out how it would feel like if they had one or even help someone figure out how to treat others in a relationship. It could even help rebuild your relationship-confidence if you’ve been wondering how to regain that connection and communication with your partner. While the snuggle buddy experience can help those who just need or want a hug or even calm and relax those whose anxiety has pushed them into panic mode.

If you are a client who’s happily married but your partner thinks cuddling is a bore, a snuggle buddy could be for you. If you’re someone who just wants or needs a girlfriend once in a while because you’re married to your job, working forty plus hours a week, and have no social life outside of work, then a girlfriend experience escort could be the right choice for you.

So whether you’re looking for an escort that offers the full girlfriend experience or just looking for a nice and warm body to cuddle, you’ve got the options to find who you’re looking for. If you’re ever in Perth Australia, there are countless Perth escorts both male, female or trans who offer either the girlfriend/boyfriend experience or the snuggle buddy experience. All you have to do is ask.

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