It is always a challenge to amuse someone on a first date, especially if you have been hooked up by someone else, or met the person on a dating site and haven’t even spoken. In order to beat the hard silence that can occur, it is best to do something that will keep both parties amused as well as give some options as far as a sit-down drink or a great dance. Montreal has amazing places to explore on a first date, and once you decide on a drive-in movie or a great cabaret at Le Balcon Quoi Faire Montreal, you are definitely going to do a second.


Jazz Speaks to The Soul
You have probably heard of the expression that “Jazz is Soul music”. This is very true indeed; and there are great singers and musicians who are ready to prove it. People like Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles are some of the biggest names who have moved millions of fans with their tunes, and these can still be enjoyed through the lips of modern performers like Ella Fitzgerald. Not only will the smooth rhythm rock every inch of your body, it will also do this to the person sitting next to you, and thus definitely get some deep soul connection for the night. Whether you love great old hits or the sound of the saxophone, every note of jazz is surely going to make you click.

Portuguese-inspired Dinner to Amuse
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” especially if we are talking about great Mediterranean food. Spanish and Portuguese inspired menus can captivate the spirit of the sizzling hot beachside, and give the essence of the temper the people in these countries have. With some hot peppers and great entertainment, it is sure to amuse any man or even woman who loves spice and heated show along with even tastier drinks. After starting the mood off in a sizzling hot matter, there is no knowing where a great meal, a capturing show, and amazing cocktails can take you. Whether you like to sit back and watch or take part in the dance show, surely the artists will amuse with their great performances that will have you breathless. Maybe the vibe of the night is due to the hot enchiladas, or the combination of all aspects, one thing is for sure: you will be wanting more.

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