Are you planning to date a Russian woman?

If you want to date a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you have to be extremely careful; no, they are no cheaters or betrayers, but there are some things that they might not stand when you do them. Therefore, if you don’t want to spoil your relationship with the wonderful Russian woman you are about to find on a website like then you have got to ask some things to yourself.


Here are the top five things to ask yourself before dating a Russian woman:

  • Are you already dating someone else? Because if you are, then a Russian woman would find out about it, sooner or later. These women are far more practical than the others on this planet; they know how to find out information about the man they are planning to date or are already dating.
  • Do you have the guts to say the truth about your life to a Russian or Ukrainian woman? If you have genuine feelings for a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you can’t expect her to be unknown to the hidden facts in your past. If there are things that she deserves to know, you must tell her, before she takes the decision of taking the date one step further.
  • Are you settled enough to manage her expenses? Because if you aren’t, you wouldn’t be able to afford a wife like her. Russian women are extremely sophisticated. I wouldn’t call them spendthrifts, but I would surely call them true wives; just like you need to take care of any wife, you need to take care of her.
  • Do you have the guts to marry the woman you are about to date? Most of the Russian or Ukrainian women do not date without the intensions of getting married. Unless you have all the guts to marry the woman, do not date her. There is no way in which you can fool around with her.
  • Is she looking for the same kind of relationship with you or are you fooling around with her? If you are not looking for a serious relationship with her, do tell her about the same. If she is okay with the casual dating you want to do, fair enough! Don’t even think of getting her serious in the relationship if you have no intensions to be serious.

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