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Jewish Dating Sites: The STRAIGHT Scoop on Meeting Single Jews (And the Epic FAIL I Regret!)

Who else is thinking about joining a Jewish dating site? Are you sick of being single… and are committed to make THIS the year that you change that? Or, maybe you’ve got plenty of dating opportunities, but as a Jewish single… you find that meeting other Jews is challenging in your workplace, or social scene? The truth is, regardless of what your motivation may be, if you WANT to start dating Jewish, there has truly never been more options and opportunities to explore the culture and community than right now!

Why do I sound so optimistic about meeting other Jews in 2013?

Because as someone who happens to be single and Jewish myself, I’ve faced just about every cultural challenge you can imagine when it comes to dating within my community. I’ve lived in remote parts of the country… where finding a synagogue within 30 miles has been difficult. I’ve worked in cultures and lived in communities where the only other Jews were twice my age, or married, or NOT the kind of people that I’d be romantically involved with as well. Read More →

Jewish Dating: Traditions In Dating

The Jewish dating services have become very popular in recent years. Though there is not much difference in the actual dating there are many issues that should be noted. When dating in the Jewish culture there are traditions that are good to be familiar with and will help in the search of your soul mate.

Many Jewish individuals have turned to the Jewish dating services to be more selective in choosing a mate. With the strict faith and following the traditions one understands the importance of finding a mate that shares the same religious customs and practices. Obviously in a relationship where couples share similar interests and faith they have a better relationship success rate. When an individual who is Jewish is looking for a mate they are looking for someone to share the same daily and yearly customs with. Read More →

Jewish Dating Services Online

The number of online dating services is constantly increasing as more people seek refuge online to find other partners, but when it comes to religion-specific services like Jewish dating services, choices may seem limited to virtually non-existent. Now these services are on the rise and that might leave you wondering whether or not you should join these Jewish dating services if the other mainstream services continue to grow. If you already have an online dating subscription, you might feel hesitant in ditching it for a new more specific one that you aren’t really familiar with. Before you decide, it is best to understand the facts and advantages of these options.

Facts and Advantages

Jewish dating services have a target group and that means other individuals that do not fall in the target will not join the site. In fact, it is very unlikely for anyone who is looking for a good dating site to ever come across a Jewish one simply because of the way it is advertised. Smart owners of these services would optimize their home page to show up only if the “Jewish” keyword is in the search phrase. Read More →